Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We're Quitting Our Day Jobs

Devin and I both love our day jobs. Every once and a while you discover a hidden talent that makes you think that you should quit your day job. Several weeks ago we had the chance to help out at Westmore Elementary school's carnival. We were told that Devin would be driving a small tractor to give kids rides. When we got to the carnival, we went to plan B which was to help with the bake sale. Next plan C rolled around, which was to make balloon animals. Well, to make a long story short, we have discovered a hidden talent as seen in the picture. Ok, so we didn't make the balloon creation in the picture, but we learned very quickly to make up really cool balloon "things." Some of our most popular items include: flower hats, dogs, swords, cats (that look like dogs), giraffes (that look like dogs), and butterflies. A word to the wise, because we are now balloon experts....if you go in pursuit of a career in making balloon animals, be aware that if you do if for 2+ hours straight your fingers and hands are going to KILL.