Sunday, February 24, 2008

Look Out! He's Got A Knife!

We went to Brick Oven the other night with my brother David and his family. Because it was busy they put us in two booths. Tommy was the only one who wanted to come over and sit with us. It was quiet the adventure eating with a 4 year old. He said some really funny things. Every time the waitress came by he asked, "Where's my pizza?" Then once he got his pizza he was pretty sure he could cut it himself. Check out how he is holding the knife. Don't worry we cut it for him. We had a great time. Tommy cracks me up. Nothing is better than REALLY good pizza and a 4 year old that can't sit still.

Family. It's About Time.

For my Relief Society lesson this month, we used the talk "Don't Leave for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today." As I was preparing for my lesson, all the cute little LDS TV adds that ended with "Family. It's It About Time" came to mind. Thanks to my brother-in-law and Devin we were able to find tons of the funny TV adds. They are all so cute. And they are great reminders of what is really important. Enjoy watching the videos by clicking here.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Puzzle Races

My dad knew when they were designing their house that we needed to have a really big counter. My mom's big kitchen counter has been the favorite location for many things. When we were younger we loved doing puzzles. We often would have a puzzle race, which meant each person got a puzzle with the same amount of pieces. Whoever put the puzzle together first wins. Today we relived the great puzzle race. Devin, Peter, and I got out the old Berenstain Bear 100 piece puzzles and had a race. It was pretty intense. I am happy to report that I won, even though Peter grabbed a whole chunk of my puzzle and busted it up when he saw that I was getting close. I don't think I would have one if Marie had been there. Maybe we'll have to do it again sometime.

Just A Really Good Day

I know this isn't the best picture in the world, but sometimes phone cameras aren't the best. This picture was taken last Saturday. Saturday was one of those normal but great days. We slept in. Went running. (I am so proud of Devin! He ran 9 miles. WAY TO GO!!!!) Cleaned the house. Went to lunch at Sensuous Sandwiches. I went to a Bridal Shower. Devin went to a basketball game with the guys from work. We hung out with my family. Nothing really special happened. It was just one of those days that when it was all over we looked back and said, "Ya, that was a really good day." I am grateful for a husband who enjoys the normal days as much as the special ones. No matter what we are doing together, it is always fun. We don't have to go somewhere really fancy or do amazing things. Heck, we had a great time at Sensuous Sandwiches, which has got to be the most ghetto-y of fast food places in the world. We have officially decided that even though it looks like the trashiest place, they make the BEST sub sandwiches in the world. So simple is good. Normal is great. Ah, the joy of just a really good day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Go Go Gadget Socks!

Today the sun is shining, which is great because that means the snow is going to melt. YEAH!!!!!!!! It's Sunday afternoon. There are only two good things about having 9am church. 1. You get to enjoy a true Sunday nap. 2. If you are teaching a lesson you don't have to stress about it all morning long. You just get it over with first thing, and then you can enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

So here I am, enjoying my Sunday in my red fuzzy socks with suction cups on the bottom. I thought only kid socks had stuff like that on them. As I was making lunch after church today we found out that if I stomp my foot really hard on the kitchen floor, my sock actually sticks. Too bad I can't be like Mr. Gadget and say, "Go Go Gadget Socks!" and then be able to climb up the wall. (Side note, Devin was really disappointed when my foot wouldn't stick to the wall.) I am grateful that little things like fuzzy socks make me happy.
Anyway, nothing really fascinating to report this week. But for whatever it is worth, I've got some really cool socks. I think there are so many little things that make us each happy every day. What are some of the little things that have made you happy today?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Much Fun!

Last Saturday we wanted to enjoy the first sunny day in a long time. So we took Brent and Aaron sledding.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What Will You Remember?

As we were watching President Hinckley's funeral today one of the speakers asked the question "What will you remember about President Hinckley?" As I thought about my own answer to this question, several things came to mind so I thought I would share them and at the same time extend the question to all of you, my faithful blog readers. What will you remember about President Hinckley?

His Life

I remember mowing my mom's lawn while listening to his biography. His life's story was filled with so many wonderful stories that have been examples to me throughout my life. Examples of faith, courage, diligence, humor, and humility.

BYU Devotionals
When I was a Freshmen at BYU President Hinckley came to speak at a devotional. I grew up in Utah, I had been to conference before, so I had seen President Hinckley speak "live." Notwithstanding these previous experiences, I couldn't help feeling the excitement that filled campus when we heard that he was coming. My schedule was such that I did not have any classes until afternoon on Tuesdays so I was able to go early to get a good seat for the devotional. I was amazed that even an hour before the devotional was scheduled to start the Marriott Center was practically full. Apparently people had started lining up at 7am. I was touched by their desire to see the living prophet. I was humbled by the fact that I had seen him so often and not until then realized how lucky I was.

Nauvoo Temple Announcement
In April 1999 at the conclusion of General Conference, my roommates and I were sitting around our small TV listening to President Hinckley's closing remarks. It was then that he announced that they were going to rebuild the Nauvoo temple. I remember being filled with the spirit and so excited.

Mission Call
The first day in the MTC is one that I will never forget. After saying good bye to my family I had time to sit in my room before my companion arrived. As I was looking though all the stuff they had given us, I came to my little missionary license I guess you could call it. There it was laminated and signed by President Hinckley telling the world that I was the savior's messenger. That I was called to preach the gospel. I remember looking at that signature and thinking, "Well, I guess if he signed his name saying that I could be a missionary, I guess I can."

While serving my mission in El Salvador, I was privileged to take part in some of the first live broadcasts to El Salvador. I remember that while I was serving in San Miguel we heard that there was going to be a fireside for the youth. My companion and I decided at the last minute to go because one of our appointments fell through. I can still picture exactly where I was sitting as President Hinckley gave his famous "Be's" for the first time. I was so excited to share with the people of El Salvador what our living prophet had just taught the youth.

Conference Center Dedication
April conference 2001 was one I will never forget. It was the first General Conference that the people of El Salvador were ever able to see live. We went early, 2 hours early, to the Stake Center and the only seats that were left were in the very back. They filled every classroom, the hallways and every inch of the building (the fire marshal would have had a fit!). I remember crying as I saw people standing outside the open windows, looking in, just wanting to see and hear our dear sweet prophet. When it was finally time to dedicate the conference center many of the small children were having a hard time sitting still and being quiet. It was so hot and everyone was tired of sitting on hard folding chairs. When President Hinckley started to pray it was like the world stood still. Everything was completely quiet. Even the noise of the busy street went away. What a wonderful spirit! How amazing to stand with countless saints all over the world to shout "hosanna" in celebration of the wonderful new conference center being dedicated.

Nauvoo Temple Dedication
During the Nauvoo temple dedication President Hinckley extended to all the invitation to come to Nauvoo, to walk up and down the streets to feel the spirit there. I remember my heart being filled with joy as I stepped off the tour bus in 2006, just 4 years later. I had finally done it! I had done what the prophet asked us to do. I was so grateful that I accepted the invitation, it was a life changing experience.

Perpetual Education Fund
I felt spoiled rotten when I came home from my mission. I had so much, and the people of El Salvador had so little. My opportunities were endless and for so many of them, their life had no opportunities at all. I remember the Conference when President Hinckley announced the Perpetual Education Fund. I don't cry, I never cry, but I did then. I was so grateful that the people I loved from my mission, and people like them all over the world would now have opportunities for education that they would never have been able to have. I knew more than ever before that Heavenly Father loves and takes care of his children.

El Salvador Temple
Temples were President Hinckley's thing. Even with all the temples all over the world, I never thought my little El Salvador would get a temple. It was too small and too close to Guatemala. This last Thanksgiving we were sitting at Devin's aunts house when my sister called. When she told me that they had just announced that a temple was going to be build in El Salvador I just cried. Devin was sure that someone was dead. No! But a miracle had taken place. Thank you President Hinckley for bring temples to so many people.

Wow! This is the longest blog I have ever written! But I just wanted to share with all of you what I remember about President Hinckley. Feel free to comment on what you remember about our dear President Hinckley.