Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pop Corn Tree

Anna and I sing a lot. Or I sing to Anna a lot. When we are in the car together singing makes Anna really happy. We sing all sorts of silly songs. The Wheels on the Bus and Slippery Fish are two of her favorites that we sing over and over and over. Anna loves songs with actions. This week we started singing Pop Corn Popping because all of the blossoms are out and beautiful. Anna picked right up on this song. She even requests it, "Pop Corn Tree." I got the actions on video, but I guess the singing is just reserved for our special time in the car. The actions alone are pretty stinkin' cute. Enjoy!

The Chop

I did it!  I was brave enough to chop my hair.  I have been sick of my long hair for a while now.  I'm so clueless when it comes to doing my hair and I'm not the type that loves spending tons of time on my hair each day.  So I did it!  I went from this.
To this!
I was able to cut enough to give it to Locks of Love (9 inches). I am glad it is still long enough to pull back a bit so it won't be in my face when I run. I'm excited for this new fun hair style.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Story - a Timeline

Julie and I got talking today about our "timeline." About four years ago we started dating. Before we were married, Lael composed a list of dates, which we posted on our site. The site has been down for about 2 years now, but I have resurrected the timeline. Here it is, in it's entirety (please don't feel obligated to read it. I'm posting it so we don't loose it):
  • Sometime, 2003 — Julie moves into the single's ward.
  • August, 2005 — Devin moves into the single's ward.
  • Sunday April 2, 2006 — General Conference weekend — Devin called Julie on the way home from Idaho and came over to her condo for 'game night'
  • Monday April 17 — Devin came to play Racket ball with Julie at the Rec Center after FHE.
  • Tuesday April 18 — Devin invited Julie to watch a movie at his condo with the group after Institute
  • Wednesday April 19 — Julie asked Devin to help her brother David and Marthe move. Devin brought his brother Mahon to help. Julie rode home from Salt Lake with Devin and they just sat talked for a very long time
  • Thursday April 20 — Devin came to a session at the temple while Julie was working there
  • Friday April 21 — Devin invited Julie out to lunch before he left for the horse show but she was already going to lunch with Heather so they just "texted" and talked on the phone.
  • Sunday April 23 — Devin came to 'game night' at Julie's condo
  • Monday April 24 — 1st Date — Devin helped Julie get library books and took her out to dinner for Greek food and then they went on to play Racket ball
  • Tuesday April 25 — Julie and Devin went to Institute together
  • Wednesday April 26 — Devin and Julie watched a movie at his condo with his brother Mahon
  • Thursday April 27 — Devin came to see Julie at the temple
  • Friday April 28 — Devin invited Julie on a date to go fly kites — they watched a movie with friends.
  • Saturday April 29 — Devin made lunch for Julie at his condo. They played Ultimate Frisbee and started holding hands.
  • Sunday April 30 — Devin sat next to Julie at church
  • Monday May 1 — Devin and Julie went to FHE together and played Racket ball
  • Tuesday May 2 — Julie and Devin went to Institute together
  • Wednesday May 3 — Devin met Julie at their Ward Temple night and they talked afterwards
  • Thursday May 4 — Julie worked at the temple and then stopped to talk to Devin at his condo later
  • Friday May 5 — Devin and Julie had dinner together. They played Dr. Mario at her mom's house and then went and watched a movie together. This was the night of their 1st kiss
  • Saturday May 6 — Julie and Devin attended the evening session of their Stake Conference. They were challenged at conference about scripture study. Julie and Devin started having daily scripture study together
  • Sunday May 7 — Devin came to dinner at Julie's Mom's and attended the CES Fireside
  • Monday May 8 — Devin and Julie worked on carving their Pinewood Derby cars
  • Tuesday May 9 — Julie and Devin attended Institute together
  • Wednesday May 10 — Julie went to a play with Tammy and then to talk to Devin afterwards
  • Thursday May 11 — Devin flew to Seattle for business and brought back a souvenir magnet for Julie
  • Friday May 12 — Devin and Julie talked after work and before he left for the horse show in Sandy. Julie got her phone bill for $50 in text messages for the month
  • Saturday May 13 — Julie visited with Devin's sister Missy on the phone while he was at the horse show
  • Sunday May 14 — Julie's heart jumped when Devin surprised her and came to join her family for dinner at her mom's house. Devin invited Julie to go with him to Idaho the next weekend to meet his family
  • Monday May 15 — Julie and Devin went out to dinner and roller skating at Classic with their ward for FHE. They decide that their song is "Collide" by Howie Day. Skating to the Snow Ball does wonders at the rink.
  • May 19 — Devin and Julie took a trip to Idaho to visit Devin's family
  • May 24 — Devin and Julie 1st month "anniversary" since their first date
  • May 25 — Devin told Julie a secret in the Celestial Room at the temple: "I Love You"
  • June 1 — Devin comes to the Dance Festival at Freedom Elementary where Julie teaches. Everyone is very interested to meet him.
  • June 3 — Devin came to cheer Julie on at her half marathon race in Salt Lake
  • June 14 — Devin helped Julie spend the evening tending one of her students family in Lehi. They just had a peaceful feeling with those little children and being 'Mom' and 'Dad' for the evening. Devin told her he will always be there for her.
  • June 21 — Devin made Julie 'Butterscotch' dipped strawberries
  • June 24 — Devin and Julie celebrated their 'two month anniversary' at Park City. They went to dinner and looked at the photos at the art galleries there
  • July 3 — Devin and Mahon come to the Henderson's with Julie for the "Driveway of Fire" fireworks show and then went to Salt Lake to watch the new Superman movie
  • July 4 — Julie, Devin and Mahon run the Provo 'Freedom Run 5 K' race and come up to the annual Henderson BBQ in Salt Lake to meet the Henderson Uncles, Aunts and cousins and watch fireworks together.
  • July 7 — Devin and Julie watch the new Pirates movie and go camping and water skiing up in Idaho with Devin's family
  • July 13-23 — Julie is away on a Church History tour. Sent Devin "The Reason" (list of all the reasons she loves him) in the mail. Julie started missing Devin the day she left and Devin started missing Julie, too
  • August 20 — Devin and his brothers Gene and Kyle came to dinner and joined the Henderson's for FHE
  • September 5 — Devin and Julie decide to set a date and see what happens.
  • September 7 — Devin text messaged Julie to let her know he is falling more madly in love with her every day!
  • September 11 — Julie called to tell her mom that Devin asked her to marry him last Tuesday September 5th after Institute — They are so happy and are to be married on January 16, 2007. They just decided they needed to set a date
  • September 17 — Devin and Julie told his parents and family and Julie's siblings of their good news.
  • September 29 — Devin showed Julie's mom the engagement ring and asked permission to marry Julie. That evening, after they went to the temple together, Devin gave Julie a written promise of his commitment to her as he knelt down and asked her to marry him. She said "Are you serious?" and "Yes!" She can't stop smiling! They are so happy!
  • Tuesday January 16, 2007 — Devin and Julie marry in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two "p" Things

Anna has been spending a lot of time with two "p" things lately.
#1 Play-Doh
It is fun watching her learn how to roll the dough out and how to cut the shapes and squeeze the little toys to make the dough come out in little strings. If I need a good 30 minutes, Play-Doh is there to save the day.
#2 Picnics
Anna has decided that she likes to have little picnics in the kitchen. She will drag a blanket over and squeak her cute little "please help" until I put the blanket down flat. Then she pulls out all of her kitchen stuff and just has a ball pretending to eat and cook. Funny how a blanket makes the whole experience something new and exciting.

Saturday Sampler #9 & 10

I finished these blocks a while ago, they were for last month's class. The black and green block was really fun and I love how it turned out. Special thanks to Marthe for pointing me in the right direction with the yoyo that is on the little basket. You've got to love all of the great step-by-step instructions that you can find on the good old internet.
These are my blocks for this month. I did a little happy dance because they are all pieced blocks. Don't get me wrong, applique and I are becoming better friends, but it was sure nice to just sit down at my machine and sew all of these blocks.
My favorite block this month is the brown and yellow one with the little brown pinwheel in the center. I didn't realize that the block wasn't flat when I took the picture so it doesn't look straight, but it is. I think it would be fun to make a whole quilt with this cute little block.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I realized last night that it has been almost a month since I have blogged. WOW!! I started thinking about what we have been up to. We haven't been sitting around, that is for sure. So what have we been doing that has kept us so busy??? Not a whole lot of big things, just lots of little things.

We have been busy in the kitchen.
We have been busy finding Easter Eggs. (A game which is fun EVERY day!)
We have been busy watching General Conference...and eating lots of snacks.
We have been busy "hiding."
We have been busy playing with the coolest toy every...a box.
We have also been busy crying.
We have been very busy playing outside every chance we get. Anna has mastered the art of going down the slides by herself. She is also very good at blowing bubbles. Though we are still trying to help her understand that we shouldn't eat dirt or wood chips.

Mom has been busy sewing. I'm not done with this wall hanging yet, but I'm loving how it is turning out.
Mom has been busy reading.
And reading.
Mom has also been busy doing all the normal things, cleaning, cooking, running, and working on primary stuff.

So there you have it. We are alive and up to lots of stuff. Just not blogging.