Friday, July 16, 2010

I Will Always Love Harold!!!

I LOVED this!!!  I will always love Harold.  I have so many fun memories of the library. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's a...

We will post pictures and more details later.
Yeah for a boy!!!!
Nicholas Olsen Baldwin is officially on his way.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Freedom Run 2010

To top off all of our 4th of July festivities, we all ran the Freedom Run Monday morning. Yes, I'm a nerd, I signed Anna up for the 1 mile fun run. She looked so cute with her little bib on.
She even got to wear a timing chip on her shoe. I feel bad I didn't take a picture of it. If you look really close in the picture you can see it.
Anna and I ran the 1 mile race, Devin and Peter ran the 5k. I was so proud of Peter for running the race!
Anna did pretty good. I think all of the people made her nervous. We had a good time walking the mile while the boys ran. It was fun walking the last stretch with her. So many people were commenting on how cute she is and were cheering her on.
We had a great time! We all got finisher medals. Anna got 5th place in her age division. And I must add the fact that she was the first 1-year-old to cross the finish line. Her age division was 1-3. The 4 kids that came in before her were all 3-years-old. We didn't cheat either, no stroller for this girl!
Anna's favorite part was watching the balloons. I'm not one for getting up early just to watch the balloons. I like running a race AND watching balloons at the same time. Anna loved the Smokey the Bear balloon. She would reach up as high as she could trying to touch him. She finally figured out that she would never be able to touch him and would say over and over, "Reach! Too far away!"
It was the perfect ending to our 4th of July festivities. Believe me, we'll all be running again next year.

4th of July 2010

Since the 4th of July was on Sunday, the festivities lasted 4 days. Friday night my family camped out in my mom's backyard. Spencer was the best! I think he helped everyone set up their tents.
After the tents were set up there was plenty of time for...
wagon rides,
more wagon rides,
swinging in the tire,
counting pops or snaps,
playing in the sandbox,
kicking a ball around,
playing volleyball,
and going on more wagon rides.
It was such a nice day. I don't think anyone had any desire to go to bed at a normal hour. We enjoyed homemade ice cream and then experienced the wonder of "Driveway of Fire!" Anna did great. I was surprised that the ones that really scream didn't scare her at all. The ones that snapped and popped made her snuggle more, but she never cried. She wasn't too interested in holding the sparklers, but she did liked looking at them. Devin was so busy lighting fireworks and I was busy holding Anna so we didn't get any firework pictures.
On Saturday we had a really yummy breakfast (thanks everyone!!!). Then we just hung out until we went up to my uncle Jim's house for the Henderson BBQ.
The kids had a great time swimming in the pool. For Anna and Sadie swimming means sitting on the steps of the pool watching everyone swim.
After swimming and dinner the kids had tons of fun jumping on the tramp. The little kids had a great time.
Then Devin and Peter, the two biggest kids, had to join in the fun.
I'm not surprised that Tommy's glasses got a little bent.
The cousins had a great time playing together. Anna is really starting to play. I loved watching her play with Sadie, Liz, Tommy, and all the cousins. We are so lucky to have such a fun family.

Payson Lakes

At the end of June we went on our first "real" camp out for the year. We went down to Payson Lakes with my brother Peter and his family. We were lucky enough to get one of the last campsites available. Don't get me wrong, I can and have camped in the great outdoors, but being pregnant camping is so much better at an actual camp site.
While we were setting up camp Anna decided to run, fall, flip and basically scrape her face on the pavement. Emily saw the fall and said it was pretty good. Here are some of our favorite pictures of Anna's face after the fall.

That was probably the most exciting part of our camp out. Other than that, we did the normal camping things. We ate smores.
Devin couldn't just have a normal smore, he had to try a "tinfoil" smore.
We sat around the fire and talked. So our hair and clothes could smell like campfire for days.
The next morning we had more fun exploring and hiking. The kids just loved being outside.
We went down to the lake and walked around on one of the trails.
The kids had fun watching the people fish.
After wandering around the lake we went on a short hike to Grotto Falls. This hike was perfect for the kids. It was really short and had lots of fun bridges to cross.
Anna wasn't so sure about the actual falls.
Walking across the small bridges the highlight of the hike. Anna loved it.

This was a really fun quick camping trip. Zach said it best when were almost done with our hike, "Daddy, I want to stay here forever!" I feel the same way.

Summerfest 2010

Summerfest was a month ago, but I am determined to catch up on my blogging today.
When we got the Summerfest event book Anna was SOOO excited about the picture of the helicopter. Her Grandpa Brent would be so proud. Anna would just carry the book around and turn to the picture of the helicopter and say, "copter, copter." We knew if we did anything with Summerfest, we needed to go see the helicopter.
The weather that weekend wasn't the best, but Saturday there was a break in the rain and so we went over to enjoy the festivities. We went to see the helicopter first so that if it started to rain we would have at least done that much.
Anna LOVED the helicopter. She loved looking at it. She loved sitting in it. The Henderson in her was just bubbling over with excitement. She proudly left her "Future Pilot" sticker on her jacket for days.

The weather was looking good and we thought it would be fun for Anna to go on some of the little rides. She went on the longest merry-go-round ride ever!
The cars we fun to drive too.
Anna wasn't so sure about the boats.
It was quite the experience having her go on these rides by herself. We tried to have her be the last one in so we didn't have to shout, "sit down Anna" too much before the ride started.
We were glad that the weather turned out so good. We all had a great time and look forward to going again next year. Maybe we'll even go to the parade next year.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

MY Eagle Scout

You know that "list" you make over and over in Young Women's of the qualities that you are looking for in a future husband? Every girl has made a list like that. I kept my list, added to it, and changed it as I got older. One thing that was always on my list was that I wanted to marry an Eagle Scout. I knew this was something that was really important to my dad, so it was important to me. As I dated guys I really did notice a difference between those who were Eagle Scouts and those who were not. When we were dating I was delighted to find out that Devin was an Eagle Scout.
Devin has lots of "tubs" of all his stuff from when he was a kid all the way until after his mission. One of these tubs had all of Devin's scout's stuff in it. I always felt bad that his scout stuff was just stuffed in a tub. A few months ago I saw an AMAZING display box that my friend Kristen did for her son when he got his Arrow of Light. I new that is what I wanted to do with all of Devin's stuff. So for Father's Day I finally got everything together. A big thanks to Kristen for helping me and giving me lots of tips. Devin was really surprised and loved it. Now we just need to find a good place to hang it up.
I don't think Devin knew when he was earning all of these patches how proud his wife would be of him. It was fun to put all of the patches together and think about all the things he learned. I sometimes wonder how Devin knows so much about so many things. I think I'd be safe to say that he learned a lot of it from scouting. Way to go Devin! As cheesey as it sounds, I really do love MY Eagle Scout.