Thursday, September 16, 2010

How Bad Do You Want It?

Moving into our house was pretty slick. We are so grateful for all the help moving our stuff from the condo to my mom's house and then from my mom's house to our new house. There were so many wonderful people that came, which made things really easy.
We did have one funny moving story. Friday night we decided to take all of the "big" stuff so that way Saturday it could just be boxes and small things. We knew we had a few big things that would be harder to move and that would need some extra tender loving care to get where we wanted them to be. The treadmill went downstairs without too many problems. The killer deal was Devin's big couch. The guys helping were so nice. They tilted it up. They took the legs (very little stubby legs) off. They took the light above the stairs off to create more room. After all that the couch was SO close, but it still didn't fit. The question then came, "How bad do you want it downstairs?" "Because we could just punch a hole in the wall and we could get it down the rest of the way." Are you serious? They were. Cameron was even nice enough to offer to come fix the hole the next day. Well, we want the couch downstairs so I guess you better just punch the hole in the wall. Devin tried, Peter was successful. Say hello to hole #1.
After making hole #1, they realized that another hole was necessary. Ok, go ahead. Might as well.
I sat upstairs thinking, "Did I really just tell them to punch holes in my new house?" But we wanted the couch downstairs and this was the price to get it there.
We've decided that the couch will never move. If it does need to go, we will saw it in two pieces to get it out.
Sorry no pictures of the couch, just holes in the wall. (The holes were fixed by Cameron the next day. THANK YOU!!!!!!!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

We did it!  We moved into our new house.  Other than a few little things that we still need to move from my mom's house, we are moved in. What do you think?
Yes, we have a lot of unpacking to do.  But I LOVE a good near-to-impossible cleaning/organizing task.  Some girls buy shoes, I love to organize.  Wish me luck!  We'll see how much progress I can make in a week. 
For now we are swimming in boxes.
But at least I found my camera. :)