Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anna in the Mirror

Anna loves talking to the "Anna in the Mirror."  She spends quite a bit of time before bed talking to her friend.  Today Devin got the perfect picture of Anna and her friend. 
They are pretty cute. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

20 Minutes a Day

They say that kids should read at least 20 minutes a day. I laugh a little at this, because we read WAY more than 20 minutes a day. Perhaps it is the teacher in me that doesn't know what else to do with kids. What should we do? Read a story of course. We have books everywhere in our house so that we can stop and read at any moment.
This week I walked in and found Anna deep in a book.
It was TOO cute!
A few days later I found her reading stories to Nicholas.
Nothing makes me smile more. I wish I would have gotten the whole thing on video. She was holding the book so he could see the pictures and she was "reading" him the story. I am so grateful that Anna loves reading stories and I hope that Nicholas can develop the same love too.

Two other random pictures of the week.
Anna has been having tons of fun making trains and driving them all over the house.
She makes this cute little "choo! choo!" noise and shouts, "All aboard, LET'S GO!"

Nicholas has pretty amazing hair. We have been having fun trying to comb it down as you can see.

But as soon as it is dry, it sticks straight up. His hair has a life of it's own.