Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mobile Moments May

May was fun of crazy fun.  Here are 50+ fun pictures from May.

I finally found time to put all of our race bibs up.  We have quite the collection.
One afternoon we had our favorite Curtis boys come over to play.  These boys are so stinkin' cute!  I love that they play so well with my kids.  You never know what fun adventures are in store with the Curtis boys.  It makes me want to play right along with them...which I usually do.
Here is a classic Nicholas makes a complete mess of himself every time he eats picture.  We have progressed to rubbing the food in our hair.  Oh, joy!
Anna showing off her new dance costume.
Nicholas has really figured out how to ride his bike.  This was his first trip to see the horses.
Anna was kind enough to teach Nicholas how to use the i pod.  It was funny listening to her explain how to find a song and how to make it play.
We went to Ikea to get a few things.  Devin and the Ikea guy were able to make them fit in our van.  Nicholas wasn't quite sure why there was a big box over his head.
A happy day with blocks.
Remember the van full of boxes.  Well, they were stacked in our bedroom for quite a while.  Anna and Nicholas LOVED climbing on them every day.
My cute boy loves putting things in jars and dumping them out.  Clothes pins work great for this activity.
The Baldwin kids are ready for the daily bike ride.
This is the first garden picture for 2012.  Notice our ever-growing rock pile.
Nicholas loves to read books.  He also loves to climb.  So you climb to read books and you get the best of both worlds.
This is by far my favorite journal page that Anna has ever done.  It is about her soccer team The Blue Tigers.
Anna had her second dentist visit.  She started out ok.
 Then she got a little nervous.
 By the end she was more than done and didn't want anything to do with anyone who was going to stick anything in her mouth.  Yes she is covering her mouth so no one can get in. We love our dentist.  But we are now looking into a Pediatric Dentist.  Maybe then our experience will not be so stressful.
We went to the mall with the Curtis boys.  Nicholas and Pryson had a great time playing together.

Nicholas is not a TV watcher.  Anna could be plugged in all day, but Nicholas usually lasts about a minute or two.  One day I pulled out our Disney Shorts cartoons.  He sat through a few of them.  What a miracle.
We get great afternoon shade in our front yard.  I usually give up on trying to get anything done by about 4pm and we just play outside until Devin gets home.  We love this slide because we can take to where the shade is.
Special thanks to the Disney Movie club for sending us stickers.  Sometimes Anna puts them on paper, other times she just sticks them all over her body.
I am not quite sure why Anna and Nicholas love wearing their bike helmets so much.  They wear them all the first I guess.

Anna and I have been reading the Judy Moody books together.  I love how she can't wait until we get home to dive into her books.
I am the type of mother that lets her kids lick the beaters.  It is worth any "risks" for the smiles.
Nicholas loves his blanket and all his friends.
Anna loves her Camelbak.  She also loves Devin's GPS.  She is ready to do some serious hiking this summer.
For Devin's birthday I made him a chocolate Snickers cake.  It looked pretty amazing.  He didn't want to share it with anyone, so I guess that means it tasted ok.
Here is the Henderson's standard 3rd Sunday Dinner birthday celebration.  Our May birthday boys blowing out the candles.  Brent and Zach are taking care of things, but Devin is still helping out.
I haven't figured out if Nicholas likes the piano, or if he likes the buttons or the fact that he has to climb to get up to the buttons.
We have been enjoying the warm weather.  We do all we can to keep cool.
We play a lot outside all day long.  Somedays we are so tired from having fun, that we just can't make it through dinner.  Anna had so much fun, she crashed as soon as she sat down.  No pillow needed.
Too bad I wasn't fast enough with my phone to catch my neighbor riding her daughter's bike.  It was awesome!!!  Sometimes we enjoy playing on our kid's toys too.
Nicholas and his friend Radek love to ride their bikes.  Now we just need to get the two cute twins and the other little boy who lives across the street to get one and we will have the cutest pack of Strider-Riders.  Maybe we could get sponsored, do commercials.  It would be adorable!!!
Anna has a few jobs that she "gets" to do each day.  She likes emptying the dishwasher.  It takes FOREVER, but she does it.  And she usually has a great time doing it.

Devin got sick of Anna wanting to Tweet on his Twitter account, so he created an account just for Anna.  Now she can Tweet whenever she wants.  Usually she just wants to type the names of her friends.  It is cute to see how she spells their names.  
Trying on her butterfly costume.  Oh my, what a pose!
When it was time to get Anna ready for her dance concert I decided it would just be easier to let her watch an episode of Blue's Clues so she would sit still so I could fix her hair.  It worked great.  Thank you Steve and Blue!!
Anna and Liz enjoying the chaos of the dressingroom during the dress rehearsal.
Nicholas has discovered that if you eat with two spoons you can eat twice as fast.  He works both spoons pretty well.
Planking anyone?  Or are they just trying to be Superman?
Can you tell that Devin was helping Anna make this Lego tower?  I wonder what it would be like to be tall enough to build something like that without having to stand on a chair.
One day Anna and Nicholas asked if they could pretend to sleep.  Sure!  Play that game all day.  Mommy likes that game.
Anna has the Henderson ability to sleep anywhere.  Poor girl, that can't be comfortable!
Move over Franklin, Anna has a new favorite book, Curious George.
Nicholas loves animal books.  Any book with pictures of animals is a winner for him.
Nicholas is so patient.  He can play with toys that still frustrate Anna.  Example A: Mr. Potato Head.  He can play with this toy for such a long time.  He loves pulling the parts out and putting them back in again.  No stress.
I think Anna has finally outgrown our pool.
We have the best neighbors.  I seriously don't know how we got so lucky.  Anna and Nicholas love playing outside with all their friends.  With the warm weather, the kids have been having tons of fun exploring all the water toys that each family has.  Sometimes it is just fun to chill on towels.

There you have it, May 2012!