Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mobile Moments September 2012

Now that October is almost over I have finally gotten around to uploading all my September phone pictures.  Enjoy our random adventures!
Anna woke up early one morning but didn't make any farther than our bed.  She looks pretty comfortable to me.
We went to a party at our neighbor's house.  Nicholas loved dressing up in their girl's shoes.  Helen's hat made just the right touch.
Nicholas loves wearing his sweater, but he always has to have the hood on.
Anna was ready and very excited for her first day of preschool.
We paid Anna one chocolate chip for every time she kicked the ball durning her soccer games.  She did awesome and kicked it six times during one game.  I think the most she earned was eight.
Once a week we watch our friend Radek.  The kids love playing with him.
Devin went to Wood Badge.  He had a great time camping out Thursday thru Saturday two weekends in a row.  He made lots of friends and learned tons.  He says it is like Education Week for boys...oh sorry "Men."
While Devin was gone we did fun things like eat popcorn while sitting on the counter.
We love riding bikes with our friends.  Anna loves to make bike courses (Thanks Aunt Missy for the great idea).

Anna is usually really good and plays while I am sewing or she helps me.  Sometimes we need the help of our friend Curious George in order to get the quilt block done.
Nicholas loves to cook. This was a day that he needed to get all dressed up in order to do his cooking.
Can you tell how much Anna loves corn on the cob?
Nicholas thought Anna's sunglasses were pretty cool.
I finally finished my Halloween wreath that I started a year ago.  I really like how it turned out.
I think this is my new favorite picture of Nicholas.  His face is priceless!  That boy sure loves to cook.  He is quite the snappy dresser too.
Words cannot express how grateful I am for two children who love books.
My sister-in-law did this awesome quilt that won a blue ribbon in the State Fair.  Her quilt is the one that says, "Never Forget."  I wish I would have taken a picture of her wall hanging that also won.  It was AMAZING!!!!!!  I keep telling her that I know a great place to store it if she doesn't have room at her house.
You can tell how much Anna loves to ride horses.  She loves horses.  Also just reminded me that this horse is named Rocky and her horse last year was named Spider.
Nicholas still fits into his turtle costume from last year.
Anna was making loaves of bread one day.  She set up a little stand to sell her bread.
We went to the zoo with my friend Jessica and her boys.  You can tell the kids had a great time because they crashed hard on the way home.
 Even when I brought them into the house they were still out cold.
I love it when I walk into Anna's room and find her asleep durning the middle of the day.
Anna loves playing with her cousins Sadie and Liz.  These three sure have fun together.
Anna loves to "read" the scriptures.
Nicholas doesn't really sit still to watch anything.  He has started to watch a little bit of Curious George and Thomas the Tank Engine.
Now that Anna is at preschool twice a week I am trying to be better about doing, "school" things with Nicholas.  He is a fantastic counter, and knows quite a few of his letters and sounds.  Now colors...he knows the names of the colors  and he can sort the colors correctly, but naming the colors just hasn't clicked yet with him.
Anna was practicing for school pictures.  She looks pretty grown up in this shirt.
Nicholas is so good about hanging out in his crib in the morning until we are ready to get him.  I don't think I ever want to put him in a real bed.  He is too happy playing in his crib.  I know a bed just wouldn't be the same.
Nicholas has learned that he needs a little help to be tall enough to do certain things.
We were happy to celebrate "Talk Like a Pirate Day."  Arrrrrgh
Nicholas and Anna have been working hard to earn prizes for being good.  One prize they can work to earn is "watching a show."  They were super good and earned watching Curious George.
Nicholas loves walking like a spider.  It is a good thing Devin is so tall.
 We took the kids out to lunch to Wendy's.  They got these sweet glasses in their kid's meal.
 Anna's face....oh how I love this little girl!
Nicholas was having fun listening to . . . nothing.  Just wearing the headphones was awesome.
There a certain games that you can only play with a friend.  Anna and Nicholas are getting to be good friends.  One of their favorite games to play together is "Roll Your Water Bottle Across the Table."  I am not a huge fan of this game.  But they love it.

Nicholas LOVES chocolate.  If you ask him what he wants to eat he often will say, "How about some chocolate."
The kids love looking at the photo books that Pam has made for them.  Anna is getting pretty good at reading them.
Nicholas enjoys stacking up the food in the shopping cart.  Stacking yogurt is his favorite.
We had the neighbor girls over one day and puzzles were a big hit.  I am glad that we have so many puzzles.
Enjoying the dress up clothes at Grandma's house.
Anna was cold so she wrapped herself up in the rug.
Radek and Nicholas were trying to let me know that it was time for dinner and that they were ready to eat.
We scored in the book order.  I love it when the dollar books are really good.  We bought Ten Little Pumpkins and Nicholas LOVES this book more than anything.  We read it, sing it, and Nicholas can even, "read" it too.  I am glad that he enjoys books so much.
This is Anna practicing to be tall enough to ride the rides at Disneyland.  She is so close, right at the 40" mark.  We will soon see if our 40" mark is the same as Disney's.
September was great.  On to October!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Utah's Hogle Zoo...Finally

Sometimes I feel like a NOT so cool mom.  I don't take my kids a lot of places, mostly for two reasons. 1. I am afraid of them freaking out in public. 2. I really try to go all month on one tank of gas.   These two things have kept me from taking my kids to do a lot of things, one of which is going to the zoo.  My friend Jessica has been asking us to come to the zoo with them for a long time.  Things finally worked out so we could go.  It was GREAT to see Jessica and her boys.  Anna and Nicholas both love playing with Hayden and Parker.  The boys were so great to show Anna and Nicholas around the zoo. The elephants were a big hit.
But Anna and Nicholas were not sure about the elephant that squirts water on you.
The kids had a great time climbing on all the statues.

We felt bad that the polar bears were not out when we were there.  There were a lot of other cool animals to see.
Thanks to Jessica the kids also got to ride on the carousel.
 We were super lucky to get to ride on the train too.  I guess they are closing the train until 2014 and the day we went was the very last day for the train.  The kids always love a train ride.  I love this picture of Anna and the two cute Young boys.
Thanks Jessica for not giving up on us and going to the zoo.  We had a wonderful time.  The kids still talk about how much fun they had at the zoo with Hayden and Parker.  I wish the zoo was closer to home.  I know my kids would love to go all the time.  It is a good thing that our house is a zoo most days,  that way we don't miss the zoo too much.