Monday, November 26, 2012

Mobile Moments October 2012

October is one of my favorite months of the year.  It is a crazy busy month.  With that said it is no wonder that I have 50+ pictures from my phone of all the random crazy fun.
I was happy to find a child size witch hat for my little witch.  Anna loved spending the month practicing her witch cackle.
Nicholas had fun pushing his cars around on Anna's little stroller.
We took out the cool Halloween flashlights that Pam gave us.  Thank you for HOURS of entertainment Pam!!!
Our neighbor brought over these cute treats.  The kids couldn't handle eating lunch without them being on the table. They are really cute.  Maybe when my life calms down I will have time to make cute treats  like these.

I finished all my canning for the year.  To celebrate I scrubbed my sink.  It looks so nice!

Nicholas usually has at least one car in his hands at all times.  He loves cars.
I have found a new favorite cookie.  Reeses Pieces Peanut Butter cookies.  Oh my they are so good.  I could eat a whole batch myself.
 We finally got our apostle and prophet pictures laminated, just in time for Conference.  Anna had fun sorting the pictures by tie color, hair and no hair, teeth smile and no teeth smile, glasses and no glasses and tons of other things.
 Pam got a new video camera and the kids enjoyed watching some of the videos that she took of her latest horse show.
 Anna is happy to have entered "Hot Chocolate" season.
 Nicholas will ask for hot chocolate, but wont drink it.  :)
 When we went out to California to visit my grandparents we stopped at a park on the way out.  I remember playing at this park when I was a kid, with this exact same toy.  I am sure my mom has pictures of us on it somewhere.
 Anna had lots of fun playing with Leslie's blocks and farm toys.
 Leslie found some new pieces for our Geo Trax train.  Daddy had lots of fun putting them together :)  We have figured out that if we had just ONE more straight piece we could do some pretty cool things.
 Anna had lots of fun doing her make up work for preschool.
 Our friend Radek came over one day and Anna was completely shocked that he has never played picnic.  We had a huge picnic in the living room so that he could see how much fun it is.
Leslie gave us a Princess game.  Anna really likes playing it and helping the princess find her prince charming.
 The weather stayed nice for quite a while.  We were so glad to get more bike riding time in.
 The kids really liked riding their bikes through the leaves on the trails.
 Nicholas unfortunately rode his bike off the trail and into the creek.  Good thing they had already drained the creek. It was a pretty steep drop.  It scared all of us.  But after we calmed him down and the bleeding stopped, all he wanted to do is ride his bike more.  Way to get back on the horse buddy!
 I think the leaves make it hard for the kids to stay on the trail.  They want to ride their bikes through the leaves, which often leads them off the trail and into very exciting places. :)
 I was able to finish Anna's Halloween costume early in the month.  YEAH!!!
 Anna and Nicholas went to the dentist.  After having a not so good experience with out dentist we decided that for Anna to not hate going to the dentist we should find a good pediatric dentist.  We found a GREAT one.  Nicholas and Anna both went and had a great time.  Nicholas loved his balloon dog that the dentist made for him.  Who would have thought that you could use those blower things that they use to blow off your teeth to blow up balloon animals.
 Anna did much better.  The doctor even let her help put the floride on her teeth.  Still no x-rays but there is always next time.   We feel pretty lucky to have found Dr. Swan.  He is wonderful!!!!
 Family pictures are important, but I hate trying to figure out what we should wear.  After weeks of stressing out, this is finally what we picked out.
 Nicholas loves putting on his backpack and running around the house.  He likes to run fast!
We went up to David and Marthe's house for Sadie's birthday.  Nicholas loves playing foosball.  Maybe he will give his daddy a run for his money when he is older.
 Nicholas sometimes doesn't finish his bowl of cereal in the morning.  I will usually keep it (because he doesn't put milk on his cereal) and let him snack on it later in the day.  I was sick of all the extra bowls that were piling up and so Nicholas had THREE bowls of cereal on morning.
 I try to teach my kids things.  Colors are not Nicholas' strong point.  It made me happy that he sorted his M&Ms one day by color all by himself.  At least we know that he can tell the difference between the colors.  If you ask him what color something is he will usually say "blue."
 We Booed some neighbors and the kids had fun watching mommy run to the door knock really loud and then sprint to the car and daddy driving away fast.  For the next week the favorite game was Booing people.  They would drive their car to a house, leave a treat, knock on the door, then run back to their car, and drive away fast.  It took me a few rounds to figure out what they were doing. Once I knew it was pretty cute to watch.
Pam gave us a bunch of little pumpkins. The kids had fun lining them up on the stairs.
This was the easy part of Nicholas's Halloween costume done.  I am glad I had plenty of time to figure out his head, that part was tricky.
 After our first snow storm Nicholas wore his boots everywhere.  I guess you need snow boots on in order to read stories.
 By the time Anna was done with her first field trip she was completely worn out.  She fell asleep and stayed asleep for a long time.
This is Nicholas modeling his Frankenstein costume.
 This is Frankenstein head number one.  I didn't like it.
 Nicholas got a Chinese Yo-Yo from Sadie's birthday party.  He loves playing with it.  He also loves hitting people with it.  It is not a surprise that it was whacked to death.
 Blues Clues!!!  Anna loves to play Blues Clues.
Anna and Nicholas love to fly or do some planking.
 We found my old Mickey ears.  They are a little big on Nicholas, but still very cute.
 Anna had to have a chocolate cake for her birthday.  Because it was chocolate she was able to lick all the beaters and spatula by herself.  I tried to convince her to get something non-chocolate, but it didn't work.
 Devin was teaching the kids to walk like a penguin.
 Devin and I ran the Highway to Hale Halloween race the Saturday before Halloween.  We aren't cool like some people who dress up.  But we found out that I am faster than Ironman.  How cool is that?  On a side note, I PR'd on this 5k race.  FINALLY!!!!  It was pretty awesome to see 22 minutes on the clock.  I ran it in 23:04.  Which is 13 seconds faster than any race that I have my time written down for.  I placed 2nd in my age group and 8th overall for females.  Seeing 22 minutes on the clock has made me want to push to get in the 22 minute range.  Can't wait until the next race. :)
 Anna had a great birthday.  I love how she opened her presents and then dove right into her new book.  I love my book-loving kids!
 We took Anna to the temple for her birthday.  Devin took the real pictures, but I think this one might make the wall.  Kind of a fun shot with her four fingers.  She is 1/3 of the way to going to the temple. WooHoo!!!
Anna loved her princess Legos that she got for her birthday.  I am pretty impressed that she can look at the instructions and build the castle.  She is concentrating so hard.
 We couldn't find our pumpkin knives.  How do we solve the problem?  Devin gets is dremmel out, I e-mail my neighbors.  We both won in the end.  Anna did not like the dremmel's loud noise.
 I was lucky enough to drive the preschool carpool on Halloween.  It was fun having a pirate, Mator, and a witch in my car for the day.
I went and voted early.  My mom was so nice to come watch the kids so I could stand in the long line without my little friends.  I really didn't mind.  How often do I have time during the day to read a book?  I was sad that the line was not longer.  I only had one chapter left on my book when I was done.  I am probably the only person who wishes that the voting lines were longer.
 This is it!  Nicholas' Halloween costume finished.  Thanks to my brilliant sister-in-law the head part turned out perfect.  Too bad it is always the night before Halloween when these things finally come together.
 We tried it on him as soon as he woke up.   It was perfect!
The kids both fell asleep on the way to Devin's work for his Halloween party.
 The kids love going to Devin's work for Halloween.  This year his department did a Hobbit theme.  They did a great job.  Devin was Gollum.  He made a sign that said, "Gollum at the Oscars Apparently there is a dress code."  Clever and he was able to shave his head which is very important to him.
And there you have it, October 2012!