Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

I remember it snowing a lot when I was a kid.  We use to get TONS of snow.  But I haven't seen snow like that for years.  The last few years there hasn't been hardly any snow.  I really can't remember the last time we had a white Christmas.
Well, I guess it finally figured out how to snow in Utah again because we are just getting dumped on this year!
Several weeks ago this is how much snow we had.

 We had a few days with lots of rain and we were excited to see our grass again.  Well Sunday night that all changed.  Salt Lake got slammed with snow and Tuesday is when we were dumped on.  Devin shoveled before he went to work.  I shoveled when Anna left for preschool, and then we shoveled again later that afternoon.  This was the snow on our garbage can, all from that one storm.
 Anna and Nicholas love playing in the snow.  I am glad they can play while I shovel.
 Can you see how high the piles of show are?
 Anna kept falling in the snow and had a hard time getting up because it was so deep.
These are the cool icicles that form in my tree.  Pretty cool! 
 Tuesday after I shoveled our driveway for the third time this is what the pile of snow looked like.  It is almost as tall as Anna.  We had a lot of snow again last night and the piles are even bigger now.
 Our nice neighbor went out and plowed everyone's driveway and sidewalk and the whole cul de sac today.  The kids loved watching him plow, and do donuts.  He was spinning pretty good today.
As much as I love the snow, I sure hope the groundhog DOESN'T see his shadow on Saturday.  I think we are about done with winter here.  But I must say, the snow, as long as you don't have to drive anywhere, is really pretty and it sure warms things up.  I don't know if I can take much more of these single digit days.  

Mobile Moments December 2012

Here they are, the long awaited phone pictures for December 2012.
Anna loves to draw.  Her pictures are so much fun.  I love all the detail she is adding.
 Nicholas was having fun playing with the Nativity set.  He got rid of the wise men and replaced them with Lighting McQueen, Mater, and Francesco.
 Anna and Nicholas love Blues Clues.  It is even more fun to watch when you have your own Handy Dandy Notebook to draw in throughout the show.
 Nicholas was reading stories to his friends one morning.  It was so cute to watch him "read" the story and point out different things in the pictures.
Life has been crazy, and I was really far behind with my quilt class.  I was able to catch up.  There are a lot of really fun blocks that we have been doing.
 Every once and a while we get lucky and we get free bananas at Macey's.  Anna and Nicholas were so good the rest of the shopping trip.  Perhaps it was because they were too busy eating their bananas to bug each other.
 Anna and Nicholas were putting on their own Primary Program.  They even dressed up.  They had so much fun singing lots of primary songs.
 This is one of those pictures that I will be putting in Anna's wedding video someday.  I love Anna and this picture shows why.
 Ever since Nicholas gave up napping, we have been doing some very structured Quiet Time.  Anna loves it.  The rule is you stay on your bed until the timer rings (30 minutes...sometimes more).  I give Anna a stack of books and she is does great.
We had a movie night with the Curtis family.  The kids loved eating popcorn and watching Frosty the Snowman.  We tried hard to play Rook while the kids were watching the movie and playing.  Next time we play we are going to make sure the kids are sleeping so we can really play.  It was a fun night even if we didn't get to play cards much.

 The kids were pretending to dive out of a plane with parachutes.  I still can't figure out where this game came from.
 I was playing Uno Moo with Anna one afternoon.  I love that Anna is competitive and talks smack during games, it makes it so much fun.  She told me I was toast.  She was right, she won.
 Anna loved making gingerbread houses with my family.
 Legos are the popular toy at our house.  Anna and Nicholas play really well together with the Legos.  Anna loves her princess Legos and Nicholas loves his farm Legos.
 This is what Anna looks like each week when she goes to dance.  I love the boots!
 Nicholas was having fun calling people one day.  He kept saying, "I'm on the phone!"
 Anna was pretending to go to a party.  She looks ready for a party.
Nicholas loves trains.  I am glad that we have picked up lots of extra track.  We need to have enough track to make a path that he can sit in.  He likes to be in the middle of the train tracks.
Radek came over one afternoon and we introduced him to the wonderful world of Play Doh.  He was in heaven.  My kids both love Play Doh.

 Devin handed Anna the Eddie Bauer catalog and told her to pick out some new clothes for him.  I showed her how to dog ear the pages that she liked.  By the time she was done she had dog eared every page in the catalog.  I feel the same way Anna, I love EVERYTHING at Eddie Bauer.
 Nick's hair was getting long so I tried to spike it.  Yup, pretty silly looking.  I think we are going to stick with the buzz because his hair is so thick it won't do anything.

 Trains are even more fun when you have friends over to play.
 This is my little writer/artist at work.
I love Nick's little Christmas outfit.
 We went to Idaho for my niece's baptism.  We left right after church.  The roads were clear and it was sunny when we left Ashton.
 We are glad that we left when we did because the pass was not so clear and sunny.
 Nicholas makes a really cute witch/Wonder Woman.
 The nerdy "I'm the mom and not the teacher" was pretty excited to make cute Christmas gifts for Anna's teachers for Christmas.
 Anna was thrilled to bring home her costumes for the dance concert.  She had to try them on as soon as we got home.  Here is the bear costume.
 And the Lady Bug.
 Devin's mom made this AWESOME green jumpsuit for Devin when he was little.  I wish I had the picture of him in it.  It is so cute.  She found the jumpsuit and gave it to us.  I had to try it on Nicholas.  He was not happy from the minute I started putting it on him.  He was really freaking out poor kid.
 This was the "please just smile I will give you chocolate" picture.
 Anna was teaching Nicholas how to change a diaper one afternoon.
 Grandma and Grandpa Baldwin gave us some new cute clips as part of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Nicholas thought they were great.
 Anna looks pretty awesome first thing in the morning.
 We slowly started to figure out the curler thing for Anna's dance concert.
 I made my first banana nut roll.  Oh how I wish Missy would have been around to give me some pointers.  I have made lots of notes in my cook book of what I would do different next time.  It was still really good.
 Nicholas and Anna were having a really good time looking at Christmas books one afternoon.  They decided to spread them all out so they could see their choices better.
I finally got a new camera bag.  I like that it is small and I can fit my video camera and my camera in it.
 I had one of those days when there were a million really important things that I should have been doing, but I decided to scrub down my oven and stove top.  It looks so nice!!!!
 I love coming into Nick's room to find the kids reading scriptures together.
 Anna was having fun making Christmas treats for her friends.
 After waiting ALL year it was finally Anna's turn to give the talk in primary.  She was SO excited!
 Christmas time is a time of baking and cooking, which also means LOTS and LOTS of dishes.
 Anna needed to write a few last minute things to Santa before she went to bed.  She had to make sure he knew where the ice cream was and that she wanted him to wrap her presents in the green wrapping paper.
 Just like every kid, the boxes were a favorite thing to play with on Christmas day.
The kids loved that they could fit into the boxes.
 Both Nicholas and Hayley fell asleep on the way down to my mom's house Christmas day.
 We have had so much snow lately.  We bought little shovels for the kids so they could help shovel the snow.  Poor Nicholas fell flat on his face just as I was taking this picture.
 Anna is a great helper when it comes to shoveling snow.
 Nicholas was really tired one afternoon.  I thought for sure he was going to fall asleep eating his yogurt.
 Our neighbor has a four wheeler with a snowplow.  The kids love watching him plow...and do donuts.
 Anna loves taking pictures.  She is getting pretty good at it.
 This was the snow in my planter boxes after one storm.
 Nicholas was so tired one day that he just dropped dead right on the rug.  Poor boy really could use an afternoon nap, but he just won't take one in a traditional way.
We finally made it up to the new Scheels store.  We all thought the fish tank was the best part.  It is the coolest tank I have ever seen.  I love that it arches over you and the fish swim over your head.

 David and Marthe gave us the game Tenzi for Christmas.  It is a really fun fast paced dice game.  I love that Anna can play along with us.  Nicholas has a hard time not stealing the dice from other people.
There you have it. December randomness.