Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mobile Moments January 2013

January was one crazy month.  The sad thing about my January phone pictures is that my phone REALLY died this month.  It has been freezing up on a daily basis for months now, but if you pull the battery out and restart it, it is fine.  Not this time, it was blue screen of death dead.  So that means I lost a whole bunch of pictures for the month.  :(
Here are the pictures that lived through the wrath of the phone.
New Year's Day Eve there was a fire in our Costco.  I was impressed that they flipped that store around and cleaned things up in 48 hours.  You would have never known there had been a fire.  The only problem was that they hadn't had the heater on and I really think that it was 6 degrees inside the building just like it was outside.  I think the milk freezer was warmer than the rest of the building.
We bit the bullet and switched Nick's crib to a bed.  No more climbing in and out of the crib for this boy.  He has done great.  This is where the no naps help us.  He is so tired at night that he falls right asleep.  Too bad he still rolls out all the time.  It is good that he doesn't have far to fall.  Crazy that he never wakes up when he falls out of bed.
I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a ton of clothes that I never wear.  Look at all the hangers I have now!  Too bad I hate shopping or I would have fun filling those hangers up again.
 Nicholas decided it was time for breakfast and went down to help himself to a banana and cereal.
 Nicholas is climbing on everything, and driving me nuts.  The stools end up like this a lot of days just so I don't go crazy.  Nicholas gets mad and just hangs on the counter.
 Anna was a trooper night after night while I was trying to find the perfect combination of curlers for her dance concert.

 We had some pretty good laughs as we learned what size curler worked best.

Another dance costume pose.
 She makes a really cute ladybug.
 One Sunday afternoon Devin showed the kids The Phone Call. I think this movie is where they got the idea for Napoleon Dynamite.
 We did eventually figure out the right combination of curlers.
 Devin did all the video for the dance concert.  I helped him as much as I could.  I am much better at cutting out fliers than I am at videoing.
 Anna and Stella were so cold waiting to practice their dance.
Their class is pretty cute.
 Make up on, all ready to go to the concert.
 Nicholas loves it when I drag him around on my foot.  With a smile like that and the cutest "please" ever, I have a hard time saying no.
Anna has been playing doctor a lot.  She loves to tie her baby or animals up so she can do surgery on them.
 Anna's friend Korver came over for Co-Op.  She just plopped down and watched him for a good ten minutes.
 Anna had fun teaching Korver all about Legos.
 It has been so cold outside.  Somedays we just don't know what we should do for fun.  Anna asked me to do some math problems for her.  She has some pretty good strategies.  I love that she asks to do math every day. I will always be a math teacher at heart.
 Anna wanted to dress up in her Tinker Bell costume from two years ago.  I wasn't surprised that the costume doesn't fit her anymore.  She was content with the hat, belt and shawl.
 Here we are again doing the math and loving it.
 I attacked our huge stack of boxes.  Nicholas loved playing in them.
 We live probably five minutes away from a Pizza Pie Cafe. We have never been there.  We have been to the one in the Idaho Falls area tons, but that is it.  We thought it was time and so we went.  It tasted exactly the same.  The building itself is huge, way nicer than the one in IF.  We are glad we went when we did, because the line was crazy later.
 Anna worked really hard to earn money for her new princess.  She was thrilled to finally have enough money.
 Some times Nicholas is so tired in the afternoon that I can have him watch one Piano Guys video and he is out cold.  He just falls asleep right in my lap.  I have found that this works much better than going for a drive.  Much cheaper too. Anna loves watching the Piano Guys, she could watch them all day.  This video is not one of the more calm videos, but it is Anna's favorite lately.
Nicholas loves Mater.  You know this because 1. He is wearing his Mater shirt.  2. He is holding one of his Mater trucks (he has a few). And 3. He was sharing his Cheerios with Mater, that is a lot of love, no one touches Nick's Cheerios.
We have had some really good snow storms this year.  Anna is such a good helper and helps with shoveling the driveway.  After one storm the pile was almost as tall as she is.
Anna was having a hard day and fell asleep in the "Happy Chair."  Sometimes I wish I could just fall asleep in the "Happy Chair."
Anna and Nicholas love watching our neighbor drive his four wheeler.  They love it when he does donuts.
Nicholas was really mad one day when I took the kitchen stools away.  He was trying so hard to get into the laundry room where I put the stools.  He was just hanging on the door knob screaming.  Poor kid.
Anna loves playing with her princess Legos.  I think they are really cool myself.  The only problem is that Nicholas usually comes through and knocks everything down.  Anna is really good about not getting too mad at him.
Two things that make Nicholas happy: 1. A box that is big enough for him to fit in. 2. Having his socks on his hands.  I am not sure why he likes to have his socks on his hands, but most days that is where they end up.
On the way home from library Nicholas fell asleep.  He kind of woke up when I brought him in the house so I just put him on the floor.  Well... and hour and a half later he woke up.  Crazy!  Anna and I had a really nice quite lunch the two of us while Nicholas was out cold.
 We are so glad that it is warming up a bit (40 degrees).  The sun was out and it was above 40 so we went out.  The kids were in heaven riding their bikes.  The only problem was that there was tons of slush.  They both ended up soaked and I didn't want them to get too cold.  But they had fun.  It was wonderful to get some fresh air.
Nothing too exciting for January.  We made it through the month.  Yeah!