Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Singing Boy

Nicholas loves to sing.  He sings all the time.  Here he is singing some of his favorite songs.
He is pretty cute if you ask me.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February Mobile Moments 2013

February was such a wonderful and calm month.  I love that I had nothing to blog about all month.  It is always fun to look back through my phone pictures.  Lots of fun little moments for February.

Nicholas loves the photo books that Pam has made for the kids.  He might actually learn his colors thanks to her color book.

 We had a warm Saturday and we went out and attacked the snow.  We dug out a trench to the big storm drain.  Devin was pretty proud of the tunnel that he dug out.  Look close and you can see the tunnel in the big pile of snow.  The amazing thing is that the tunnel stayed there for several weeks.  I am shocked that some kid didn't come smash it...I was tempted to several times.

 We started to think about potty training Nicholas at the beginning of the month.  This is about as far as it got.  Maybe someday he will really be interested in the whole potty thing.  A mother can hope right?
 We all love book orders.  The kids know that you get out a pen and you mark all the books that you think look great.  Funny how some months there is NOTHING worthwhile in the book orders and then other months they are loaded with great books.
 Nicholas loves to read princess books.  :)
Nicholas has had some awesome melt downs this month.  Poor kid just cries and screams and growls.  Then it is over and he is back to his happy self.  
Another month's quilt blocks complete.  These were both paper piecing blocks.  I love paper piecing!!!
 Anna and Nicholas love helping Devin with projects around the house.  Well... they love playing with his tools mostly.
 Nicholas loves to jump right in and help Devin.  He runs and gets his tools that match what Devin is using.
 I love Play Doh afternoons.  I think we might be finally getting past the, "Don't eat the Play Doh" stage of life. Maybe.

 Once again Nicholas was having a melt down.  I bought child door locks for a few of the doors to help me keep sane.  Nicholas does not like them.  I love that they keep him upstairs and out of my pantry.
 My favorite part of Valentine's Day is making cookies with my kids and delivering them to all their friends.  We sit down and make a list of all the people they love, and their friends, and even people they would like to get to know more.  I love all of the random people that my kids "love."  My favorite this year was Nicholas.  The first person on his list, was Sister Brucker.  She lives across the street from us and that is about it.  She isn't his nursery leader.  But he sure loves her.  Anytime I would ask him who he loves his answer would always be, "Sister Brucker."

 Devin gave me the best Valentine's present ever.  A new garbage disposal.  It is so quiet and clean.  He really is way more thoughtful than I could ever be.
 Devin also gave Anna flowers.  She had an emotional break down when I finally threw them away a few days ago.  She loved her flowers.  Nicholas kept asking where his flowers were.
My brother Peter sent me a text telling me that he had run a 22:45 5K.  My best time had been 23:06.  So of course I had to try and beat him.  I have been running a lot faster so I thought sure I'd give it a try.  I was pretty excited to pull off a 21:48.  That is pretty fast for this old woman.   Too bad he beat me last week at 21:44.  
 Anna loves stickers.  She loves to stick them all over herself.
 I read the book Splendors and Glooms in February.  I loved this book!!!!  It is probably the best book I have read in a long time.  Excellent plot!  One of those books that makes you a bad mother because you just want to read.
 This picture isn't the best but Nicholas loves to wear my old sunglasses that have one lens missing.  He wears them upside down, which makes it even cuter.
 Devin and Nicholas made scones one Saturday morning.  Yummy!
 Nicholas has been having a really hard time staying clean lately while he eats.  He is a complete mess.  I keep his hair short so it isn't so bad when he rubs the food all over.  You think at some point he will get over this messing eating thing.
 We went to DI to pick out some funny clothes.  Nicholas, with Devin's help, found some awesome pink pumps (is that what they call them?).  I will NEVER spend my money on something like that...NEVER!!!!!
 Anna and Nicholas were having a hard day and spent quite a bit of time in jail.  Jail is a bit different than time out.  Jail is, "sit there until you can stop driving each other crazy."
 Nicholas found a purple pen and decided to test out his artistic abilities on my favorite green chair.  Good thing it is microfiber and wipes off with water.  That is why he is smiling, the chair came clean.
I finally finished Anna's Easter dress from last year.  The dress was just too big.  The neck line was still too big so I tried to fix it.  I still don't know if I really like how it turned out.  Maybe it will get warm and she can wear it to church.
I decided to french braid Anna's hair one day.  I am not good at french braiding, but this one turned out pretty good.
 My first seven layer dip.  It turned out ok.  I know a few things that I will do differently next time.
 Anna had the wonderful chance to sit on the chair and practice sitting still for when Home Teachers come.  45 minutes later I think she might understand that she needed to stay on the chair.
 Nicholas has discovered scissors.  I remember when Anna use to hold the scissors that way.  I don't mind handing him a stack of the junk mail and the scissors.  He is happy sitting there cutting for quite a while.
 Pam stayed with us a few nights, which the kids absolutely love.  They can't get enough of her.  Pam helped Nicholas build this really cool monster truck with legos.  It was pretty cool.
 Nicholas loves to color.  I printed off a handwriting page for Anna.  I printed one for Nick too.  At least he does a good job scribbling just on the paper.
 I was able to go out the California for my Great Uncle Dale's funeral/memorial.  It was a really fast trip. We left Tuesday night and were back by Thursday afternoon.  Devin, once again, earned husband and father of the year awards for playing Mr. Mom so I could go.  Anna said she didn't even miss me because she was having so much fun with Daddy.  Oh well! :)
It was so good to see my mom's family in California.  I wish so much that we could see each other more often.  It was fun to go out to the ranch.  They have six cute little lambs.  I love this time of year when everything is so pretty and green.

 Nicholas was playing with clementines and measuring cups.  First he need a cup for each clementine.
 Then he needed to line them all up.
 Then he needed more.  He was really mad when I didn't have enough measuring cups for all the clementines.
 Nick's cars were playing the piano one night.  It was cute to watch them work together to play a song.
Ta Da!  February was a fun month.