Friday, April 19, 2013

March Mobile Moments 2013

March Mobile Moments are finally here.  My computer has well...six plus years of video and pictures and just didn't want to download one more photo.  Devin fixed some things and we are back in business.  Now that I have my new phone I get even better pictures. YEAH!!!!  Enjoy the random adventures that we have every day.

March came in like a Lamb.  The weather was so nice.  We were able to play outside so much!  The kids would play hard outside for as long as they could.  We would come inside for some quiet time and it would take one, maybe two stories for Nicholas to fall asleep.  He is so cute!
 Anna picked out her outfit one morning.  Don't worry I shot that one down.  Pretty cute though.
 Devin pruned our peach tree.  Funny how it is so painful to watch him hack away at the tree.  But we know a good pruning helps make great peaches.  He stuffed all the branches into the garbage can when he was done.  The kids thought it was funning that he fit into the can.
 Organizing makes me happy.  I couldn't take my pantry being a mess any longer so I pulled everything out and now it looks so pretty!
Devin was working really hard to finish dance videos at the beginning of the month.  He spent hours doing this.  Nicholas and Anna loved to be right there with him.  The Kindle helps them not get in Devin's way.
 The shape sorter has been a popular toy at our house lately.  Leslie was awesome and found us a new ball.  The kids have played with ours so much that the ball wouldn't go back together.  Now that we have a new ball the kids are so happy.
I found a cute dress for Anna that totally fits her personality.  I copped out and counted this as her Easter dress this year.
 Anna made quite the party train with the Legos and people.
 The teacher in me just can't stop smiling as I listen to Anna really read.  I love it when she can't even wait until she gets home to start reading her books.  She is becoming a great little reader.
Anna is a great helper.  She was right there helping us finish up the dance DVDs.  Assembly line works really slick with three people helping.
 Dance DVDs finally were finished.  It took him two months and they look awesome.  I am really proud of the work that he did.  Devin really enjoyed making the DVDs and is gearing up for the next concert at the end of May.
I think Nicholas will be riding a bike even earlier than Anna.  He loves his strider bike, but loves to get on the big bikes and peddle.
 Anna made a cute little lion and lamb at preschool.  March sure came in like a lamb and when out like a lion.
 The wooden blocks have been a favorite lately.  The kids like building cities and driving the cars through the cities.
 I wish I had kept track of how many jars of pickles we have gone through in the last little while.  The kids really like pickles for snacks.
 Anna and Nicholas made this fun obstacle course one day.  They liked walking through the small space.
 Who knew a spray bottle, an empty spray bottle, could be so much fun?
 Nicholas loves his monster shirt.  He makes really good monster faces.  The boots are funny too.
Nicholas and Eden were having fun one day in the wagon.
Eden was nice enough to pull Nicholas around.
 We had our first "Block Party".  Can I tell you how much we have missed hanging out outside? I can't wait for it to get warm and stay warm.
 Anna's friend Avery gave her a soda in a small can.  I realized then that Anna has never really had anything with carbonation in it.  It would be safe to say that this was her first taste of Sprite.
 Another zombie boy.  He is so cute when he is sleeping.
 I bought a new mat so I can do more Pilates.  Anna was having fun doing some too.
Nicholas has the Henderson love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  He can down a whole sandwich in just a few minutes.  I think he could probably eat two whole sandwiches if I let him.
 Our neighbors gave Anna a bigger bike.  She is not quite tall enough for it yet.  But I guess it is still ok for Devin to ride.

Nicholas loves his farm legos that Grandma and Grandpa Baldwin gave him.  He loves making a "sheep meadow".
What would March be without some good kite flying days?  Anna was excited to finally use the kite that her friend Caden had given her for her birthday.  We have tried several times to fly it, but never had quite enough wind.  She had a wonderful time on this perfect windy day.
The "Henderson" girl cousins were having a great time eating ice cream at Grandma's house.
Nicholas has a few things that always make him smile.  Mater and cereal are at the top of that list.
I love that throughout the day I will find Anna with a huge stack or pile of books just "reading."  I never get sick of book worm children.
Anna is getting better at writing and drawing.  She drew a pretty good cat for her cousin Tommy.
She also likes to draw smiley faces.
Hi-YA!  Do I need to explain more?
Nicholas and I make bread every Tuesday while Anna is at preschool.  He loves pushing the wheat in my wheat grinder.
Nicholas found the perfect spot to control his trains.
We made quite the train track in his room.

Nick's friend Eddie came over to play.  They had a great time playing kitchen...mostly pretending to eat cupcakes.
Blues Clues is still a popular game around the Baldwin house.  Nicholas and Anna take turns hiding the clues and then they find them and draw them in their notebooks.

I cleaned out the coat closet and the kids had a great time trying on all the hats, gloves, and snow bibs.

The closet looks so much better now that all the winter stuff is put away.
More trains, more bucket seats.
Nicholas had a good time driving his Audi.  Someday daddy will get his Audi A5, but mommy is hoping for the A6 (it just looks better with four doors).
With 11 o'clock church and children who don't nap we have a lot of time on our hands Sunday afternoon.  The popular Sunday afternoon activity has been pulling out Daddy's Nerf gun.  Both kids love to shoot the gun.
Finger painting is also a popular Sunday afternoon activity.

Anna likes to set up targets to shoot.  She is pretty good at knocking the cups down.
This is Anna's new costume for her next dance concert.  She wouldn't hold still to save her soul.
To be honest, I can't remember what Anna was blocking in, but I know that there was something that she didn't want to come out of the laundry basket corner.
Nicholas loves to get his backpack on and wait just like Anna does for preschool carpool to come.
Nicholas is getting really good at puzzles.  He loves his Mater puzzle.
Sometimes Mommy and Daddy are slow to get moving in the morning.  One morning Anna and Nicholas decided that they would just take care of breakfast on their own.  I love that they are just eating right out of the boxes.
Anna was really excited to meet her new cousin Kate.  She was thrilled to get to hold the baby.
I didn't mind holding the cute little baby either.
This is my other book worm.  90% of the time when it is so quite that I wonder what are the kids doing, I find them both with their noses in books.  LOVE IT!  This is why we go to the library and check out 20+ new books every week.  There are always new and exciting books to look through at the Baldwin house.
We had this nasty rock boarder around our flowerbeds.  Cute in theory, horrible to keep the grass out of the flowerbeds.  Long story short we have been saving up to get rid of the nasty rocks.  So here are the before pictures.

We also decided to close off the raspberry bush patch.

And we decided to move the garden down and put a swing set in the corner, all with cement curbing around it.

More pictures to come, it is in the process of being picture worthy.

Nicholas is one of those kids who drives me nuts because he sits half way on his chair.  The teacher/mom is constantly saying, "Where do your feet belong? Please sit flat on your pockets."  I keep telling myself that he is short and he is two so I should give him a break.  I am still not convinced.
I had a good laugh one afternoon.  Nicholas was taking Monkey and Horse shopping.  I had the thought, "That is exactly how I feel each week when I take the kids shopping.  I am taking a monkey and a horse to the grocery store not two kids."
Nicholas loves riding his bike.  He pulled the flag out of the ground and shoved it in his handle bar.  He had so much fun riding with the flag blowing.
Anna's friend Avery was looking out her window while Anna was riding her bike.  She started talking to Anna and they had a funny conversation like this for a good 10 minutes.
Anna and Nicholas had a great time dyeing Easter Eggs.  We are still pretty simple, just one color, but we still had a lot of fun.
Another popular Sunday afternoon activity is to play "Primary Chorister."  The kids love to pull out all my old visuals and take turns leading the song and holding up the pictures.
Devin is so good to read Nicholas endless amounts of books when he would rather be taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon.
And that is the end of March 2013.