Wednesday, May 29, 2013

April 2013 Mobile Moments

April was another fun month full of random pictures.
Nicholas and Anna were copying my "Baby Bump."
 We had a great time with the Hendersons for a Day-After-Easter egg hunt.
Lizzie earned $10 for eating a hard boiled egg.  Something her father thought was impossible.  Lizzie sure proved him wrong.
My elliptical finally was fixed.  It is so nice to exercise each morning.
 Nicholas loves to sit in buckets.  He was pretending to sleep in this bucket.
 Anna was doing her push-ups.  I love how concentrated she is.  Nice pointed toes too!
 Nicholas loves to look out the window.  Our house in such a spot that there are always things to look at outside.  It is the perfect "People Watching" house.
 Nicholas makes a pretty cute princess.
Anna and Nicholas wanted to have little tables for snack time.
 Anna thought it was cute that her sunglasses fit on her bunny...kind of.
 I pulled down the Conference posters from last Conference.  Anna had fun looking at them and remembering all the talks.  I was impressed at how much she remembered!
 We enjoyed our Easter Deviled Eggs.  We also had lots of egg salad sandwiches.
 Anna and Nicholas loved having time with Grandma and Grandpa Baldwin.  Grandma is so good to read story after story to them.
 Anna had fun reading her books to Grandma and Grandpa.
 It was fun to watch Conference with Devin's parents.
 Grandma Baldwin brought new coloring books for the kids  Anna loved that.
 Nicholas found many sources of entertainment during the sessions.

 I was pretty excited to have Gene come down and watch the afternoon session with us.  It is always fun to have Gene around.
 Three of the five Baldwin boys were able to go to Priesthood session together with their Dad.  That was pretty cool.
 Nicholas loved getting out and riding his bike that night.
Then more Conference the next day.
 We explored many more sources of entertainment.

 The favorite was rolling cars down the treadmill to the person on the other side.
 After it was all done Nicholas had fun pointing to all the pictures that he knew. Conference is not a walk in the park with kids, but I am so grateful that we can help them learn to love Conference.
 I took Nicholas to a bike shop while Anna was at dance.  He loved peddling around.  I was amazed at how fast he went, and there wasn't a lot of room.
I love pulling out the Thomas blocks every few weeks, because the kids LOVE playing with them and are completely content for several hours.
 This is what all the little kids do during Pack Meeting.
Our neighbors got a new puppy.  The kids loved petting her.
The main diamond in my ring started to get loose.  I took it down to get fixed. They did a great job and it was all clean and shiny.  I sure do love my ring!
 Box head!
Nicholas is starting to color more.  The hardest part is keeping his artwork on the paper and not the table.
Anna wanted to make some snow shoes.  
 I am not sure what dolly did.  Anna is totally obsessed with tying things up lately.
 I moved all the toys to the kitchen floor to vacuum.  It was like having new toys for the kids.  How silly is that!
 Pam gave the kids a bunch of stickers.  They thought it was fun to put them all over their cups at breakfast.
 Here are some of the neat ultrasounds of our little #3.  Pretty amazing pictures!
Nicholas had another hair cut.  Boy that kid's hair is thick, not really soft, but super thick.
 Anna wanted to make a chicken for her friend Avery.  She did this all on her own.  I was really impressed.
 It makes me happy every time I unload the dishwasher and there are several canning jars.  I love that we really use the food that we can, and often.  Most dishwasher loads have at least one jar.
 Nicholas loves his cars!
 Anna started soccer again.  Go Pink Piranhas!
 She enjoys playing, but loves the treat at the end most.  What kid doesn't like the treat at the end?
 Nicholas is quite the handy man.  He loves to stick keys in screws.  I can't imagine how many things he would take apart if he had a real screwdriver.
 Nicholas is getting really good at puzzles.  He loves to do them over and over.
 I had to take a picture of the kids on the rocking chair.  I have a picture of them when Nicholas was just a few months old.  They both fit so well then.  Not so much anymore!
 I am trying to be better about taking pictures of Anna's Preschool projects.  They did a unit on butterflies.  It was super cute!
The kids are great helpers.  I figure if they put their little fingers on the windows, they sure can help clean them!
 Anna and Nicholas went to the dentist.  No cavities!!!!  Anna even was brave and had X-rays taken.
Nicholas was not so sure about the whole process.  I think I am going to bring his sunglasses next time, so the lights are not so bright in his eyes.
 Anna is a great helper in the kitchen.  She can almost make Hawaiian Haystacks all by herself.
 Nicholas loves having quiet time with his cars without anyone else around.  I love that he is really ALL boy!
 All the Baldwins came down for baby Kate's blessing.  We went to Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner.  All the kids got balloon animals.
 Nicholas got a really cool dragon, which never stopped flying around. :)

 After dinner we came back and let the kids play on the swing set for a while.  They all loved playing in the rubber chips.
They thought it was great fun to get buried in the rubber chips.  
They also loved eating at the little green table.
 Nicholas and Chelsea had fun playing together.
 After the blessing everyone went home.  Anna and Nicholas felt bad that they didn't get to go to Primary and Nursery so they spent the afternoon playing church.
 Many songs were sung and many scriptures were read.  It was just darling!
I keep all the old Friend magazines in a drawer so the kids can look through them.  I love walking in to find them looking through the Friend.
Anna enjoys soccer, but it has been really cold at the games.  I have joked around that it will be 80 on Monday, but the temperature will drop and the wind will blow just in time for Tuesday night soccer games.  We are getting pretty good at bundling up.
There you have it.  April!